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Links (.pdf files):

Childish + Gangster = Love or War [?]

She's an Amateur (Oneshot)

That Number (Oneshot)

I'm Dating the Ice Princess/He's Dating the Ice Princess

I'm Living with the Ice Princess/She's No Longer the Ice Princess

The Voice I won't ever Forget (IP SideStory)

Samsung Galaxy S3 (Oneshot)

Saktan Mo Ako! (Oneshot)

UPCAT Deja Vu (Oneshot)

Bakit Mo Ako Nilista? (Oneshot) *Part 1*

Happy Birthday (Oneshot)

"Pa-print" (Oneshot)

The Troublemaker and the President (Oneshot)

"Gusto ka din pala n'ya!" (Oneshot) 

"Ilista Mo Ulit Ako" (Oneshot) *Part 2*

Pass the message (Oneshot)

Tanungin Mo Nga Ako (Oneshot) 

"Mali Na Naman Ang Bilang Mo!" (Oneshot)

"Bakit Hindi Mo Ako Nilista?" (Oneshot) *Part 3* 

"Hassle Ba Ako?" (Oneshot) 

"Edi i-search mo!" (Oneshot)

"Natakot ba kita?" (Oneshot)

"Na-ilista mo man lang ba ako?" (Oneshot) *Fanfic*

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(.docx files):

Loving J

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For cellphones (.jar files): (Love, Rain) (Childish + Gangster = Love or War[?])

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